One of the prime objectives of the Federation is:

“To reduce the incident rate in the industry through the sharing of knowledge between members and consultation with relative authorities, unions etc”.

Each member is fundamentally responsible at law for the implementation of Safe Working practices on their projects in accordance with the regulations applicable in the state that they are working in. The Federation will do whatever is deemed possible to bring to members attention the experiences of other members and of similar organisations elsewhere in the world. To view some of the initiatives being taken please follow the links below.

Safe Working Platforms

Members of the Federation  initiated a concerted campaign to improve working platforms required for piling rigs and associated equipment on project sites. This involved the introduction of a Working Platform Certificate. The objective of the campaign was to increase the awareness in the industry of the need for safe working platforms and the importance of maintaining them in good condition throughout the course of a project. This initiative has achieved a high degree of success in the industry for both piling operations and crane based operations.

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