One of the prime objectives of the Federation is:

“To promote skill, training and accreditation of employees in all aspects of foundation construction”

Each member of the Federation is responsible for the training of its employees in a way most suited to their level of expertise and skill requirements, and the nature of that member’s business.

There is currently no third party training courses or third party verification of competency (VOC) for piling rig operators. The training of piling rig operators is currently carried out internally by the individual piling company. The absence of third party VOCs has become an increasing compliance issue for all piling companies.

Over the last three years the PFSF has sought high risk classification of the operation of a piling rig from SafeWork Australia. An assessment was carried out in December 2015 and the rig operation activity just missed the 75% threshold required. Had we reached the threshold the High Risk Work License (HRWL) becomes a statutory requirement, similar to a crane license.  Achieving this classification is still a goal.

The PFSF training committee is currently working on the construction of a course for the training of piling rig operators.  As we progress this issue, this page will be updated.

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