Project Description

Kephix Pty Ltd

Manufacturers represented/plant or ancilliary equipment your company sells

CMI – US manufacutured Vinyl Sheet Pile & FRP sheet pile

Services provided to the industry

Imported Construction Mateirals including but not limited to:

  • Vinyl & FRP sheet piles
  • Fabricated Structural steel for any application
  • LVL timbers and ply sheeting
  • Tubular steel piles (Specifically compliant with Modern Slavery legislation)
  • Cement and Reinforcing Steel to Pacific islands

Partnering with clients we develop and test bespoke manufactured items for proprietary construction applications.

We can supply combined single / multi container shipments of complimentary products for one application or project. Kephix have provided a wide range of products in addition to the above key products, such as, marine carpet, staircases, residential and commercial cabinetry, aluminium windows & door frames, roller doors, and lighting.